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Engineering Reliable Power Supplies for Indonesia and Across Southeast Asia

This case study is based on an article published by Bosch found here


WHO: Bosch, led by Volkmar Denner, CEO



Power outages and blackouts are a common challenge for communities across the globe, especially for developing countries that lack access to additional sources of sustainable power. This issue was the case for the Nimasi Community Health Center, a hospital in Timor, Indonesia, that serves roughly 8,000 people across nine villages. Alternative energy sources, like solar panels, proved inefficient on their own, and gasoline-powered generators led to increased costs and pollution.



Launched in 2017, the Bosch Intelligent Microgrid for Asia (BIMA) is a tailor-made solution that combines power from multiple sources, like solar panels and batteries, to produce a reliable and consistent energy supply. BIMA not only helps prevent power outages with a high success rate, but also  lowers environmental impact and costs by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

It took the Bosch team only one day to install BIMA at the Nimasi Community Health Center. What’s more, when the energy produced exceeds demand, the surplus can be stored in the grid and used in the future or during emergencies. The hospital has experienced zero blackouts since installation, continuing to operate without disruptions to care, using less fuel and lowering operational costs.

Underscoring this new technology is Bosch’s commitment to a robust intellectual property (IP) infrastructure. The company utilizes IP to spur the development of innovative technologies and can ensure the technologies are delivered where needed most, like Indonesia, by partnering with enterprises around the world. This type of co-creation would be hindered without solid IP protections, which help accelerate access to innovation.

As traditional energy sources become ill-equipped to respond to modern electrical demands, especially for those in the developing world, smart solutions like BIMA serve as key enablers for a more connected and environmentally friendly economy. Proper IP rights and protections help facilitate these innovative technologies that not only benefit the communities that come to rely upon them, but also the world. 

“BIMA demonstrates Bosch’s commitment to providing reliable and sustainable technology that helps make a difference – it is a cutting-edge solution, designed and developed in Asia, and responding to specific needs of local communities and businesses.”

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