Foster Progress

Robust, modern approaches to intellectual property rights encourage investment in the ideas that lead to tomorrow’s innovation and solutions.

IP rights create an environment that promotes innovation

There’s no short path between an initial idea and a groundbreaking invention being brought to market. In biopharmaceutical sciences, for example, it can take 12 years, dozens of clinical trials, extraordinary amounts of research and several billion dollars to bring a new treatment to life. IP rights support the commitment, collaboration and capital that drive ideas, innovation and invention, to ensure the engine of innovation continues running smoothly.

IP rights support vital work of innovators

Innovators embarking on the road to groundbreaking discovery take on an enormous amount of risk and often spend years researching, carrying out trials and working tirelessly to bring about innovative change. IP rights ensure that the hard and risky work that innovators undertake every day is recognized, rewarded and protected. 

IP rights encourage and facilitate important knowledge sharing

By ensuring that innovative ideas are protected and that the copying of an invention is illegal, IP rights enable innovators to freely share their groundbreaking products and processes with others without fear of having their breakthrough discoveries stolen. By encouraging knowledge sharing, IP rights promote the flow of information.