Why Do We Protect Ideas?

The protection of ideas, brands and inventions enables
innovators around the world to bring valuable new products to
market. In this report, the team at World Intellectual Property
Office (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland explain how it all works.

Fast Companies Need Fast Patents

For startup companies, timely patent examination is crucial – it helps them attract the capital they need for growth. A new paper by Harvard’s Joan Farre-Mensa and his colleagues at New York University looks on the “Bright Side of Patents” and explains how this critical form of intellectual property helps startup companies innovate and create jobs.

Patents Provide an Incentive to Innovate

Patents give inventors incentives to see their creations to completion. Otto Frederick Rohweddder took nearly three decades to invent the machine that gave us pre-sliced bread, even after losing all of his original work in a fire. Student David Hamilton’s IPO Education Foundation 2015 IP Video Contest winning entry explains how patents led to this modern-day convenience. 

Global Breakthroughs Thrive with Protection

One in nine people on earth are undernourished, according to the United Nations World Food Programme. But scientists at Paris-based Astrium SAS are bringing a new tool to the global battle against hunger. The company's patented method for retransmitting sunlight to earth from orbiting satellites can reinforce photosynthesis necessary for crop production.