What does it take to

Transform Vision into Reality?

Wharton Professor and former magician Adam Grant
explains in his latest book how anyone can spot
opportunities for change – and why few find persistence
to transform great ideas into valuable products.


How does a scientist’s idea become a treatment that saves lives every day? Pfizer’s Before It Became A Medicine campaign follows the journey of thousands of researchers and patients over 14 years to bring new treatments to the world.


Communities thrive when governments, universities, and businesses collaborate to bring new products to market. Findings by the Biotechnology Industry Organization show patents for government-funded research lead to big economic benefits.


Entrepreneurs who want to take an invention from concept to finished product could seek advice from Mark Sheahan, the British Library’s “Inventor in Residence.” Sheahan and other experts at the Library’s Business & IP Centre transform bright ideas into successful businesses.


Inventors need capital to bring an idea to life – and venture capitalists look to the quality of IP to assess business advantages and liabilities.