For a cancer cure pioneer,

A Big Risk Brings Big Results

Researcher Xian-Ping Lu developed the first cancer medicine produced entirely - from start to finish - in China and made available globally.

Award Winning Solution Protects Mothers and Children

Innovation doesn't have to involve complicated products or processes. But it often requires approaching a problem differently than others might. That's just what Dr. Irina Buhimschi did. See how her simple but innovative idea is helping doctors better diagnose and manage preeclampsia. 

Does Honey Have Healing Power?

New Zealand biochemist Dr. Peter Molan tapped into the antibacterial power of Manuka honey to create patented wound care products.

Photo Credit: Entrepreneur

How an Indian Inventor is Breaking the Language Barrier

Technology can do a lot of things. But as India inventor Umesh Sachdev discovered, people's ability to interact with technology in their local language is critical to bridging the digital divide. 

A Discovery to Reduce the Threat of Malaria

Youyou Tu - now 84 years old - spent a half-century on a quest for a cure for malaria. Now her patented breakthrough discovery is saving millions of lives.

Bringing a Child’s Imagination to Life

Sometimes invention starts on the playground. Dominic Wilcox is committed to showing a new generation of inventors how fascinating the discovery process can be.

See what happened when Wilcox treated kids like inventors and turned 60 of their drawings into real products.