Peter Moland and his team knew the antibacterial and healing properties of honey have been used on wounds for thousands of years, but through dedicated research, they discovered a “power” honey that works better than the rest. Manuka honey’s healing and antibacterial properties work faster on wounds, thus providing the most advanced honey-based care to date. Moland’s patented formulas are healing cuts, sores and stings in New Zealand and beyond.

SixthSense, Mouseless and SPARSH – these are just a few of Pranav Mistry’s inventions that seamlessly connect the physical world to the digital one. Mistry, a former MIT tech mastermind from India and now Global VP at Samsung, has been researching and developing technology that allows humans to mediate communication between computer systems and their bodies. SixthSense, for example, is a wearable device that projects a digital interface on almost any physical surface and allows users to browse the web, check emails and more using hand motions.

One-hundred thousand. That’s the number of African lives saved each year with Artemisinin – a plant extract discovered by Youyou Tu. Spending more than half of her life searching for a cure for malaria – which takes more than 450,000 lives each year – Tu’s discovery has reduced malarian deaths by 20% globally, and by 30% in children alone. After years of studying ancient writings on herbal medicine, Tu found clues that led her to focus her research on Artemisia annua.

Photo Credit, U.S. Embassy Cameroon

The best inventions set out to improve life conditions. That was Arthur Zang’s vision when he started searching for a way to bring cardiac care to his native country of Cameroon, where less than 50 cardiologists exist for more than 20 million people.